Window Cleaning Project

Not every building can be cleaned from the ground and our hotels are some of the tallest buildings in the United Kingdom.  You may not want your own employees cleaning high level windows, using ladders or attempting to use abseil or window washer equipment. We understand you want to protect your employees, but at the same time, you also want to make sure that your windows are cleaned.

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company specializes in abseil window cleaning. This is a professional window cleaning method that utilizes industrial strength rope and rappelling techniques to clean hard-to-reach windows.

By using this method, we ensure that you can have your building’s windows cleaned no matter how tall your building is or how difficult the windows are to reach. We are the experts that our clients call in when it is too dangerous or impractical to clean their windows on their own. Even businesses that have their own cleaning crews may not have the training or equipment necessary to properly clean their high level windows. They are concerned about the safety of their own people and how effective they would be in trying to do the window cleaning on their own. So they call us in to do it for them.

All of our team members are expertly trained in abseil window cleaning methods and job safety. They make sure the work gets done without any interruptions to your business and in a timeframe that is agreeable to you. We’ll work with your schedule to make sure we are not causing a disruption to your business.

Our window cleaning technicians are all IRATA qualified, and they are overseen by supervisors with extensive training and certification. At every part of the process, we ensure the work is being done in a completely safe and effective manner.

We have a reputation as a company that gets the work done quickly and efficiently while meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our technicians are highly skilled at cleaning windows on any type of building in any environment, without causing any damage. We always provide results that our clients will be happy with.

We only use streak-free and grease-free cleaning solutions, made up mostly of pure water. That means your windows will look spotless every time, with no unpleasant residues left behind. Contact us when you need hard-to-reach windows cleaned by skilled professionals. Ask for references, a free quote or more information about the services we offer. Visit for further information.